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IAABO Board 41 Nassau County

Unsportsmanlike Behavior/Incident/ Disqualification

Here is the link to the Unsportsmanlike Behavior/Incident/Disqualification Report

Section VIII is tracking all unsportsmanlike behavior, incidents, and disqualifications. Officials are requested to fill out the attached form (from page 31 in the Section VIII School and Officials Directory) whenever they issue a technical foul against a coach, or disqualify a coach or player. The form must be sent to BOCES within 24 hours of the event by faxing the same to 516 997-2916 or 2018.

You must also
NOTIFY our Ethics Chairperson Dusty Buckley and supply him with a copy of the form. You may send the form into BOCES within 24 hours; however, you may NOT address the incident with anyone from Section VIII prior to contacting Dusty.